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Nibaana rests in the elevated abode of Dharamsala – a pristine spiritual locale brimming with the most enchanting glimpses of nature. With the snow-clad Dauladhar range surrounding the area and green plains sprawled below, the topography resonates with the sound of flowing rivers. The landscape is carved to keep the adventurers thrilled. The dominant Tibetan population preserves the culture of the region, and the nearby suburb of McLeodganj gleams with the history of the British era. Dharamsala has plenty on offer for the traveler looking to explore and discover its real beauty.


Witness the local charm of Dharamsala by visiting nearby villages like Rakkar and Kharota, or submerge yourself in the fine display of the traditional pottery and handicrafts in the artists’ village of Andretta. Visit Dharamkot for its predominant foreign population, testament to the magnetism of the region. A holistic tour of Dharamsala is incomplete without taking a tour of the Norbulingka Institute that works towards preserving the Tibetan culture, literature and art of the city.


A treasure trove of star attractions are sprawled all across Dharamsala, with breathtaking views and snow clad terrain. The magnificent Kangra Valley carves through the hill station in a spectacular fashion, while gushing Nagooni falls are also a treat to the eyes. The abundant tea estates in Palampur near the Dhauladhar mountain range is also a sight to behold. One can even relish an enthralling sunset view of the villages laid out beautifully along the hills.


Dharamsala’s varied range of adventure activities is a must-experience for all. There’s no better way to experience the beauty of the surroundings than a trek amidst nature in Rakkar. Set up a fire and camp with your friends at Kharota, or indulge in a raw backpacking escapade on the foothills of the Dauladhar range. The place is a paradise for adventure junkies locked in close proximity to Nibaana. At Nibaana, we will curate memorable experiences for you, giving you an opportunity to explore the hidden wonders in and around Dharamsala, on your visit.