A state of supreme peace and tranquility takes over as you come to Nibaana. As you breathe in the fresh, clean air – a commodity found in abundance around the mountainous landscape of Dharamshala, you chance upon an opportunity to disconnect, revitalize and build an everlasting bond with the soul.The quest to find the ideal place to truly connect with nature was accomplished upon a single glimpse of this gorgeous hill. Through Nibaana, witness the passion of two entrepreneurs with over twenty years in the food and hospitality industry come alive through immaculate service and the need to take everything personally.

The idea of experiencing an absolute sense of calm often eludes us, but Dharamshala’s perfection and our hospitality will help get you closer to a state of secluded relaxation. Awaken your senses to the welcome song of the mynah or take a quiet stroll through the serene expanse – encounter real life experiences within the confines of this rich cultural hillside.

We invite you to not just holiday with us, but to unwind, rediscover yourself and to rekindle bonds.

Starve the schedule, feed the soul. Reconnect at Nibaana.